What is Remineralizing Tooth Powder & Why You Need it?

Evolved Essentials "Just Mint" tooth powder

Have you heard of remineralizing tooth powder? 

Well if not you are truly missing out! First off we'll start by defining what remineralization actually means. To remineralize means to add back lost or depleted minerals to a surface or structure. In the case of our teeth this means to restore calcium, phosphorous, and other trace minerals back into the tooth structure (more specifically the enamel). As we all know our teeth (which are kinda similar to our bones, but kinda not really) are made up of three main parts, the enamel, dentin, and the root. The enamel, which is the hardest part of the tooth structure, is the outer most layer and is made up of about 96% minerals (with the most prominent minerals being calcium and phosphate). The dentin, which is the second layer of the tooth, makes up the majority of the tooth's structure and is composed of a yellowish tissue that is harder than bones but softer than the enamel. And lastly, the root is the portion of the tooth that contains all the nerves and blood vessels and connects the tooth to the jaw. 

Now what exactly is remineralizing tooth powder? And why do you need it? 

Remineralizing tooth powder is  a natural toothpaste alternative that is filled with vitamins and minerals that will help keep your teeth strong and healthy, while also creating an alkaline environment in the mouth. Whenever you eat foods that can lower the pH of your mouth your enamel can begin to undergo a process called demineralization. When this happens, minerals begin to leach from your teeth causing the enamel to slowly weaken over time leading to a greater risk of cavities and tooth decay. 

Evolved Essentials Mineral Rich Tooth Powder is an all-natural foaming remineralizing tooth powder that will give you the same bubbly satisfaction that most are used to with conventional toothpaste but without the harmful ingredients, and with the added benefits of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in our ingredients. Our tooth powder is made with food grade calcium bentonite clay , non-GMO xylitol, a natural plant based form of calcium that comes from red algae, 100% pure essential oils, activated charcoal, white oak bark, and a sulfate free foaming agent derived from coconuts and naturally occurring amino acids. Not only will Evolved Essentials remineralizing tooth powder provide your teeth and mouth with essential nutrients needed to maintain good health, it will also leave your teeth with a polished after the dentist clean feeling. Order yours today! You won't be disappointed!
Currently available in three flavors: Mint, Cinna-mint, and Orange spice! AVAILABLE ON ETSY!



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