Benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay for Oral Health

Bentonite clay has many known benefits when it comes to its skin care and detoxifying qualities. But did you know that there are many benefits when it comes to your oral health too! 

First, just to be clear this post will be referring to the benefits of calcium bentonite clay and NOT sodium bentonite clay. The two clays have very different properties in terms of their mineral content and when it comes to the benefits for oral health, calcium bentonite clay far surpasses those of sodium bentonite clay (sodium bentonite clay is mainly used for industrial purposes due to its ability to swell at least 15 times it dry size when wet!).

Calcium bentonite clay is loaded with teeth friendly vitamins and minerals such as calcium (of course), magnesium, silica, and potassium. When activated with water (or any liquid) bentonite clay develops a negative charge that attracts and absorbs toxins and heavy metals from the surrounding environment. This detoxifying quality is beneficial for our overall oral health because our mouths are exposed to many things throughout the day, ranging from the foods we eat, to the beverages we drink, and from the air we breathe, it is constantly bombarded with foreign substances that are likely to contain many microscopic organisms and particles that may have the ability to cause harm if left to their own devices, as well as the already present bacteria in our mouths that multiply when they feed on leftover food particles and sugars. Bentonite clay works to remove these unwanted visitors, helping our mouths stay healthy and clean.

Another beneficial quality of bentonite clay that is very helpful to the overall health of our mouth is its alkaline pH. When we eat acidic foods such as meat, grains, dairy, eggs, fish and alcohol, the pH in our mouth drops leading to a greater chance of our enamel going through a process called demineralization. When this happens vital nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus began to leech from our teeth leading to a more weakened enamel and a greater risk of tooth decay and cavities (check out my previous post: What is Remineralizing Tooth Powder? And Why you Need it? to learn more). Bentonite clay helps to neutralize the acidic environment and create a more alkaline pH in the mouth which will help reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. 

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Lastly, with its fine particle size bentonite clay has a low abrasive quality that helps to whiten and gently clean and polish the teeth without damaging the enamel (unlike baking soda). Evolved Essentials Mineral Rich Tooth Powder an all-natural FOAMING remineralizing tooth powder that is made with food grade calcium bentonite clay, non-GMO xylitol, a natural plant based form of calcium that comes from red algae, 100% pure essential oils, activated charcoal, white oak bark, and a sulfate free foaming agent derived from coconuts and naturally occurring amino acids. Not only will Evolved Essentials remineralizing tooth powder provide your teeth and mouth with essential nutrients needed to maintain good health, it will also leave your teeth with a polished after the dentist clean feeling. Order yours today! You won't be disappointed! Currently available in three flavors: Cinna-mint, Just Mint, and Orange spice! Order on


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